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Parent FAQs

1.) Do I have to iron the uniform and polish the boots? 
No, uniform care is your cadets responsibility and should be completed weekly by them. This will help build self discipline and responsibility that will help them as they advance through the program. 

2.) My child doesn't know how to iron or polish boots. Will they learn? 
Yes! This is part of the Level One General Cadet Knowledge curriculum. If they have additional questions on how to care for their uniform, they can direct their questions to the senior cadet they report to. 

3.) Oops, I can't make it to pick up my child from an activity! Can I send a friend or  family member to pick them up? 
Absolutely! However, we require written consent to allow your cadet to leave our activities with anyone other than their guardian. Please fill out the alternative pick up form and return it to our Administration Officer.

4.) Can I come in and watch the parade? 
Please do! We give valuable information to our cadets during closing parade each week. There is plenty of space for family members at the back of the gym to watch and listen. Cadets are often given awards and promotions during our closing parade, which is always nice to have family present for! 

5.) How can I volunteer?
You may volunteer with the parents committee at any time! However, if you would like to volunteer with cadet activities where cadets present, we require a screening process to be done by all interested individuals. Please contact our sponsoring committee chair person for more information on this opportunity at

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