Cadets truly is a place for everyone, where everyone has a place.
— FCpl Ritchie of 831 Black Knights

Explore the elements of our program to learn more: 

The Royal Canadian Air Cadet program is open to youth aged 12 to 18. If you or someone you know is interested in joining 831 Black Knights Leduc Squadron or would like more information, please fill out the form below and a member of our staff will be happy to assist you.

We parade weekly at St Benedict school in Leduc, between 6:15pm-9:20pm Tuesday evenings throughout the school year. During these weekly parades we have classes and ceremonial practice, which are mandatory parts of our program. We have numerous other activities throughout the year, including gliding days, sports days, marksmanship, survival training, community service, and summer training.

Joining Requirements: 
- Canadian Citizen between the ages 12-18  
- Alberta Health Care Card
- Birth Certificate

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Some of the cadets show up being introverted and quiet and you would never know they have a voice, but years later they’re totally different individuals. They’re confident, well-spoken and extroverted.
— 831 Staff Member