Community Involvement 

We estimate that we’ve affected the lives of over 1400 young people in the 44 years that our Squadron has been in existence. Many of our cadets have graduated the program with their power pilot and/or glider pilot licenses, which can be achieved at the young age of 16, at no cost to their family. Canadian cadets are often described as committed, responsible, and outgoing individuals that go on to be highly productive members of our society. Our squadron has produced countless teachers, community leaders, effective speakers, and Canadian Forces personnel that we are extremely proud of.

Because of the amazing opportunities we are able to offer our cadets, we feel it is very important to give back to the community when possible. Community involvement is a mandatory part of our program. 

Some of the ways our members have given back to the Leduc community in the passed are participating in highway clean up, collecting food for our food bank, packaging food hampers during the Christmas season, volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House, and selling poppies for the Royal Canadian Legion.